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Australia is more than a country.  It is a continent made up of more than 700 islands that is known for some of the best beaches and diving spots in the world.

aerial view of the great barrier reef off the east coast of australia Australia features the well-known Great Barrier Reef as well as the barren Outback.  Tourists to Australia will be delighted to explore Sydney or take in the spectacular natural scenery which the continent offers.  From the white sand beaches and turquoise water to dramatic gorges and unique animals, visitors will be delighted by what they can do in Australia.

Scuba divers love Australia because of the Great Barrier Reef.  It is the largest reef in the world, and it gives divers a once-in-a-lifetime experience as they swim next to moray eels, clown fish, and other sea creatures that call the reef home.

The waves off the coast of Australia also bring visitors.  Australia is known around the world for its excellent surfing waves.  In fact, the mix of warm weather, great beaches and breeze create the perfect conditions for all kinds of water sports.

uluru - ayers rock - mount olga Australia's interior is home to the Outback, a desert region toward the north.  Despite being a rugged and sparsely populated area, the Outback features a number of tourist destinations, generally in the form of natural structures.  Visitors come to see the Devil's Marbles Conservation Reserve, which features rounded boulders and is a historic site for the local aboriginal people.  They also come to marvel at Mount Olga, a large rock formation comprised of 36 domes made from granite, basalt and mudstone.  (Mount Olga is also known as Ayers Rock, and is known as Uluru by the Aboriginal peoples.)

The continent is also home to tropical rainforests and the Australian Alps, which run along the New South Wales and Victoria border.  They are great for skiing.

Sydney, the most populous city in Australia, is located along Australia's southeast coast and features breathtaking views of Sydney Harbor.  Perhaps the best view of the city comes from atop the Harbour Bridge.  The bridge stands over 400 feet above the harbor and visitors can enjoy the view as they cross the bridge on foot.

Since Australia is known for its wildlife, it is no surprise that Sydney has a world class aquarium.  Visitors welcome a chance to explore Oceanworld Manly, a three-level aquarium featuring a submerged tunnel that visitors can walk through.

Those looking for something off the beaten path should check out The Rocks.  The Rocks was settled in 1787 by convicts from England.  Visitors can explore the site on a self-guided tour.

melbourne australia skyline at night Melbourne is another favorite stop.  It is known for the great food, wine and art collections.  Like most large cities, Melbourne features many culturally enriching opportunities, including the Melbourne Museum which tells about the culture of Australia.

Away from mainland Australia, there is the island of Tasmania.  The island is largely uninhabited and features beaches, mountains and 17 national parks.  It is an area loved by hikers since it features over 1000 miles of hiking trails.

Tasmania is home to many popular sites, such as The Blow Hole, Devil's Kitchen, Remarkable Caves and Tasman Arch.

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